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Cosmetic Dentures

As you lose teeth, the unsupported jaw bone begins to shrink. As much as 50% to 75% can be lost forever. The result is the dreaded ‘sunken in’ look that identifies denture wearers. The loss of this bone over time contributes to dentures that fit poorly and associated difficulty in chewing, talking, etc. The series of pictures below illustrates how tooth loss affects the appearance of one’s face.





When the jaw bone is receded (and can continue to recede), conventional dentures do not replace the original contours of the face we associate with youth and health such as full lips, strong profile, filled out lower facial features.

New You Dentures™ are built different. They use your existing jaw bone as the foundation for a cantilevered denture, hand crafted to return your profile as close as possible to its original proportions conveying youth, health and a confident and beautiful smile.

What makes a New You Denture different?

It mainly comes down to the method and materials of construction, the custom cantilever, and the quality of the lab.

What are implants/root replacements?

Dental implants act like the roots of natural teeth. They are versatile attachments which allow a wide variety of denture types to be anchored in the mouth. The result is a better looking denture with increased chewing efficiency and a more stability.


How long does it take?

Typical treatment time is approximately three visits.

How much do New You Dentures cost?

New You Dentures are truly custom made. Treatment cost varies greatly depending on the type of solution you choose. We have a wide range of denture types with many ways of retaining them. Generally New You Dentures cost more than conventional dentures. Below are a small sample of the types of dentures we offer with some of their differences highlighted. We encourage you to stop by for a no-cost consultation to determine your preferences.oagd-uppe1r

Do I have to get surgery or root replacements?

Of course not! Our patients that elect to replace the roots of their natural teeth with dental implants can use their New You Denture like natural teeth. Some do not get implants at all and remain very happy with their treatment. One in five end up getting implants after the dentures are fabricated. In these cases, we simply adapt the existing denture to fit the root replacement, no need to remake anything.

Bottom line: you can get your root replacements done before or after you get your denture made, or not at all.